Earthmoving on the northside of Brisbane

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Retaining Walls on Brisbane’s northside

UC Contracting provides a Quality retaining wall service, and with our Registered Builders Number is licenced to carry out Engineer designed structural retaining walls.

With our Earthmoving and Concreting background this makes us a VERY competitive supplier of quality Structural retaining walls.

We can organise your design or work with your engineer and their design to construct any size retaining wall you may require.

  • Concrete block retaining walls
  • Besser block retaining
  • Engineer designed retaining walls
  • Block wall footings (Dig, Prep, Pour)



  • Very large concrete block retaining wall waterproofed and ready for backfill Dig Prep Pour
  • Timber retaining wall
  • Timber retaining wall
  • Large structural boundry besser block retaining wall
  • Large boundry structural block retaining wall engineer designed
  • Concrete block retaining wall waterproofed and ready to be backfilled
  • Concrete block retaining wall under construction Brisbane northside
  • Concrete Besser block wall under construction